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Boring bars

Boring / Line Boring / Facing / Coupling / Drilling / Grooving / Bore Welding

MPB60tbA Assembly 2000x1250_edited.png


Ø65-600 mm (2.5-23.6 in.)

MPB90tt boring bar


Ø300-1300 mm (12-50 in.)

Portable Boring bars are mainly used for on-site machining (in-situ machining) to refurbish and repair bores (holes) which can be found in a wide-range of industries such as Mining, Power, Marine, Offshore, Defense, Pulp and Paper, and Oil&Gas to mention a few. Typical applications are Bearing Positions in for example Turbines, Diesel Engines (Motors), Generators, Gearboxes, Paper Machines, Stern Tubes and Compressors.

Portable boring bars can also be used for Excavator Buckets. It is then commonly used with auto bore welding kit to repair damaged positions by adding new material through weld overlay (cladding).

Historically many Portable boring bars used Hydraulic or Pneumatic (air) motors for rotation and a mechanical solution for the feed. Metalock Machines only use powerful electric servo motors which result in precise remote control and faster machining. It is also easy to connect with a single-phase electrical connection and quiet. The bottom-line? Better & Safer Portable Machining.

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