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Human Machine Interface

User-friendly Graphical Remote Interfaces with Precise Control and Actionable Information

Wired Control Unit

Control unit

Wired Control Unit (CU) with 4" Graphical Display and membrane keyboard.

Wireless 8 in. Touchpad


Wireless military-grade touchpad with magnet stand.

Available as 8 or 10 in.

Metalock Machines has developed state of the art Human Machine Interface that are graphical and remotely controlled with user-optimized interfaces for safer and more precise machining. Data insights enables the user to continuously optimize the machining parameters to avoid vibrations and adjust surface finish. The result? Better quality, faster machining  and most importantly, safer for the machine operator.

Historically most Portable Machines used potentiometers or mechanical solutions such as wheels and knobs. Unfortunately these are error prone and require maintenance and frequent replacement. That's why we got rid of them all together, and replaced them with modern solutions such as membrane keyboards and touchpad screens.


The Touchpads bring a new era to portable machining. Besides precise wireless control it also offers completely new features such as job documentation and measurement records. And of course the data can be safely stored through automatic synchronization with the Metalock.Cloud.

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