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Transforming On-Site Machining Into Science



Technology based on 100+ years of machining experience


Why We Exist

The Metalock Engineering Group has decided to share some of its technology and have therefore started a new company, Metalock Machines. The purpose is to also provide our colleagues in the global on-site machining industry with Better & Safer Portable Machining Tools


Who We Are

Metalock Machines is a private company founded 2023 with an independent global distributor network. All employees are industry experts, and many have experience from our owner, Metalock Engineering, which is the world’s largest on-site machining company founded in 1904, and known for championing the most difficult applications


Why We Are Unique

Metalock Engineering practically invented modern portable machining in the 1960’s and today have hundreds of dedicated on-site machining technicians. Metalock Machines is combining this unique experience and application know-how with modern technology to Transform On-Site Machining into Science


Line boring / Flange facing / Milling / Shaft turning / Grinding / Bore welding

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Metalock Machines AB

VAT no. SE559422048401

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