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Metall pipe flange

Flange facers

Facing / Grooving / Ring Jointing / Compact (Norsok) flanging / Boring / Backfacing



Ø 120-1000 mm (5 - 40 in.)

Flange facers are mainly used for on-site machining (in-situ machining) to refurbish and repair flanges which typically are found on tanks and piping in process industries such as Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Chemical.


Typical machining operations include facing & grooving of ANSI- and EN-flanges with different faces such as flat/raised face, ring joint, and tongue. The required surface roughness depends on the sealing used, but normal gaskets typically require a rough (stock) finish, whereas some metal gaskets require a smooth finish.

Historically many Portable Flange Facers used Hydraulic or Pneumatic (air) motors for rotation and a mechanical solution for the feed. Metalock Machines only use powerful electric servo motors which result in precise remote control and faster machining. It is also easy to connect with a single-phase electrical connection and quiet. With Metalock Machines, any flange type can be done remotely using the same equipment and machine arm, even Compact (NORSOK) flanges. The bottom-line? Better & Safer Portable Machining.

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